Hi hello!

So this week was transfers! I am still in Fujisaki! It’s okay becasue
I love love it here. Sister healey Left on Thursday to go to Iwakuni
(American base) and by new companion, SIster Jorgensen, came from
Iwakuni! We switched companions, which is pretty funny.

So Sister Jorgensen is from North Carolina! She is two transfers older
than me, so we are both pretty young, which is so so good! She wants
to be a lawyer post mission and previously went to Vanderbilt. We get
along really well and it is so easy to work hard together with her! We
have some really high goals for this transfer,so I’m way excited.

I’m trying to think! Nothing too earth shaking happened this week. We
went to ward council and they argued about rice and karaoke so if that
isn’t classic Japanese,I don’t know what is?

Also on sunday we went to Bishop Miyake’s house for dinner! He doesn’t
live in our area, so we don’t go often. ALso becasue he lives in a
mountain and it is about an hour of uphill biking. ANYWAY it was
totally worth it! The tashiro’s were there too (ward mission. Leader,
his wife, and two kids)

Sorry I don’t have much to say this week! Here is a picture of me in
my really CUTE rain pants going to the bishops house.image2 6



Shoot this week was SO FAST. Sorry I forgot to tell you I wouldn’t
email yesterday, it is transfer week so our Pday is today!

A list of exciting events:
1. Junkai’s in Nakagawa! (Exchanges with the STLs). So Thursday night
we needed to take the subway to Hakata Eki and then a Shinkansen to
Nakagawa. So we get to Hakata, Get our Shink tickets and everything
and get on the Shink. (They’re super fast. Like an airplane but on the
ground.) So we are on the Shink, and it’s supposed to be a really
short ride to Nakagawa. BUT WE WERE ON THE WRONG ONE. So we took a 45
minute into Kumamoto. (Also you should know it is about 8:45 at this
point, and curfew is at 9) So while we were on the train we called our
STLS and had just planned to ride back to Hakata and get on the right
Shink and it would be fine. So we are on our second train, coming back
to Hakata (is this making sense?) and I am sitting across the isle
from sister healey. This Japanese man starts having a conversation
with me and is all “where are you from” so I said “America” and he
responsds “WOW YOUR JAPANESE IS AMAZING” which is funny because I
literally said “America” Anyway. The first 10 minutes of the
conversation I understood and I explained why I was here and it was
really cold. Then I don’t know how but he started to compare America
and Japan and Gun laws and his opinions and that’s when I had to just
pretend like I understood. ANYWAY during this conversation, KAICHO
calls sister healey and tells her that the AP’s are going to meet us
at Hakata and drive us to Nakagawa. Anyway, wow. What a day.

2. Junkai’s! I went with Sister Wilkenson, who is actually from PG! It
was so fun. Also the weather has been SO NICE all week and it is
basically Hawaii. So much love. Anyway, we got to have dinner with the
cutest family in the Fukuoka ward. Their daughter is 7 and is probably
the best 7 year old I’ve ever met. She wanted to give a Book of Mormon
to her school teacher, so at class one day she tried to give it to
her. But she wouldn’t take it, so she TOOK IT TO HER HOUSE. Also she
was showing me her Kanji homework and she was trying to explain
“chikara” which is power, and she said “oh yeah, like… Iesu Sama no
Chickara” aka “JESUS POWER” and I DIED.

3. Felt my first ever Earthquake! Hi mom I am okay. We were playing
ping pong at the church with a bunch of people and it was just like a
giant truck rolled by and the whole building shook. So cool.

4. So this transfer sister Healey and I haven’t been eating dessert
and so we have this GIANT pile of treats that we’ve slowly been
accumulating (people give us so much stuff it is insane) and today we
started to eat it and I ate one twix bar and I feel like death. It was
a little disappointing because I DONT EVEN CARE ABOUT IT ANYMORE. Are
you proud mom? All I want is vegetables. wow this is such a strange
paragraph. I never thought I would say such things.

5. Today is transfer calls! I bet I stay, and Healey Shimai leaves.
She has been here for four transfers already, but anything can happen!

Love you so much!

2. Selphie with the AP’s
3. “Come to church we have pop tarts” The primary kids wrote these to
give to some less actives.  First, they don’t have pop tarts in Japan
that I know of, and second, I don’t know how they did this in English.image2 3image1 2image3 2



Okay hi! SO remember Asato from last week who I left half way through
his lesson? So he isnt actually our investigator, but the elders have
seen him almost everyday  last week and he has a BAPTISMAL DATE for
the 19th. SO HAPPY.

So a few weeks ago, we were streeting and I just felt the STRONGEST
prompting that we werent supposed to be there, and that we needed to
go house a few blocks away. So we were housing this one apartment
complex, and i could see a light on in another building and I knew we
needed to go there. So we started housing that building, and in the
apartment that I previously saw, we met Genki San. He is 19 and is at
school studying to be a MRI/Xray tech. So we did a short message about
the gospel of jesus christ and got his contact information. He said he
was really busy but we jsut told him we would contact him again later!
MEET TO KNOW MORE. So he gave us a BUNCH of dates to pick from and we
set up a meeting on saturday. We had the elders come again because
they would end up teaching him. The lesson wasnt perfect, and thats
okay. I think he was a bit confused, but he asked some REALLY GOOD
questions, and when we asked if God was really there, what kind of a
role would that play in your life? He responded with ” well i could
probably rely on him when i cant rely on anyone else” IT WAS AMAZING.
I don’t know what the elders have planned for him, and im definitely
sad to not teach him, but its okay! He also came to our ping pong
activity right after the lesson. Ping pong was the best because Asato,
Genki, this other new PI (from the elderss) and the grandpa from
Eikawa were there.

ALSO so on friday, sister healey and i went to go find the one vending
machine within a few miles of our apartment that has Nectar in it.
(the best juice) so we had finished our juice, and were praying to
start proselyting. We are in the middle of a random neighborhood. I
prayed to find someone to teach. THEN OUT OF NOWHERE we hear “oh! its
been a long time! (ohisashibuti!)” And we turn around and it is Yurina
who we met a few weeks ago! We stopped by her work and were supposed
to have an appointment a few weeks ago but she never came. APparetnly
she looiked for us but didnt see us or something! Anyway we have a
lesson with her tonight and we are really excitied.

God is so good. He answers our prayers even when we dont realize it. I
am so so happy to be here in Fujisaki!

PHotos: us with Daichi Kosaka. He is head-butting sister healey.
Us with strawberries! We cant really afford fruits and vegetables, so
when nakano shimai brought us some we were SO HAPPY.

image2 5image1 7



Okay so first! This week on Tuesday, we went down to Fukuoka College
to do some housing in hopes to find some young people. We were housing
this apartment that was basically kinjin (golden people/investigator)
central. We had a lot of really good converstaions, but no return
appointments. Then this guy anwsers the door. I dont even remember
what we talked about, but we asked if we could come back and he said
he WASNT BUSY (this is amazing. everyone, ever, in the city of
fujisaki, is busy) so we set up a return appointment for sunday. SO
sunday comes and we brought the elders in our ward to come with us,
because he would become their investigator. So before the lesson, we
had biked really long, and really fast to his apartment. About 3/4 of
the way there, i was feeling REALLY light headed. so we slowed down
and eventually made it to the 7/11 where we were going to meet the
Elders to go to Asato’s apartment. Then worst got worse and I threw up
all of my lunch outside of the 7/11, right as the elders pulled up. So
then after that i was all “Oh yeah im definietly feeling better, lets
go teach this guy” so i drank some Pocco Sweat and had some breath
mints and we were on our way. We get to this lesson and HE IS AMAZING.
He ran away from home, just quit his job and just feels like he is
kind of floating in life and wants purpose. We also asked him what the
purpose of life was and he said “I dont know, probably like everyone,
that tomorrow holds something better. But i also want to think that it
is so i can go to heaven” So then the conversation continues on and I
am feeling not so great anymore. I nudge sister healey a few times and
she just thought i was trying to tell her that the elders were talking
too much or something. ANYWAY i nudged her really hard and told her
that we had to leave RIGHT NOW or i was going to throw up in this guys
apartment. So i stand up and walk out with out my shoes and these poor
elders and Asato have NO CLUE what to do. Anyway, after throwing up a
little more outside his apartment, we sat and waited for the lesson to
be done. Asato san is AMAZING and accepted a baptismal invitation!
Sister Healey and I wont be the ones to teach him, but we are all
REALLY excited about him!

Something else this week is that the nakagawa couple got back from
living in utah for a year! We had a short message at their house this
week and they lived in OREM so we spent a lot of time talking about
orem and provo! What are the chances i’d have a conversation about the
ice cream at Macey’s with someone in Japan! They are SO SWEET and we
already love them.

Also we had a lady named Yoshimura San come to eikawa this week. She
stopped by the church maybe two weeks ago in the middle of the
afternoon and Healey Shimai and i were already there for some reason,
and she said “Do you teach free English?” and we said “Yes!” so then
she came and it was AMAZING. she is so friendly and she loves
pingpong. So we invited her to our ping pong activity on saturday
night and i talked to her alot! she was really  amazied at how fast we
learn Japanese and at how she has a 19 year old son at college and how
i am 19 too but i live in another country. We havent talked about
religion or anything with her yet, but we feel like she could really
go somewhere.

I think thats all! Pray we can get some investigators this week! I
love you so so so much.
Bready Shimai

twenty…that’s 25%!

Hello Hello!

First things first! Miyazaki San: So we had a lesson with her, and
Shiki shimai was so kind to joint for us. When we had thought about
the lesson earlier, we wanted to talk about Baptism and confirmation,
but when it came time to actually plan NOTHING was feeling right.
Anyway we decided to do some follow up and talk about the Holy Ghost.
So we start the lesson and she hadn’t been reading at all, but she had
been praying, so that was good. After talking about repentance for a
bit Miyazaki got distracted by something and so Shiki shimai was
trying to reel the lesson back in a bit by saying that through things
like repentance and prayer and baptism, we can over come our trials.
And the SECOND she said baptism, Miyazaki san started scrambling and
putting all of her stuff away saying that she likes to be alone and
that she will go and that she doesnt want to meet again. It was really
confusing for me at first because i didnt understand all the Japanese,
and then she left. Anyway, she ended up dropping us and we are really
sad about it.

BUT! Okay so first some background. Every Saturday we do kids english
class. The class is a kid named Aiki who is 7 and in our ward. And
then Hikaru, Asahi, and Misora, who are 5, 7, and 3. They are the
friends of Aiki from school. Also their mom, Maki, is friends with
Aiki’s mom; Okumura Shimai. (Im sorry, that was the most confusing way
to explain that.) Anyway. So the Otani’s (Maki, hikaru, asahi, misora)
have been coming to church activities with the Okumura’s for FOREVER.
but they haven’t ever come to church! So we called okumura shimai to
ask her to invite them to come this week. SO at Eikaiwa on Saturday we
asked, and they said they would! (mostly because it is fast Sunday and
she told maki that aiki wanted to share something with asahi) So
Sunday morning sacrement meeting had started and they weren’t there.
BUT THEN THEY ALL CAME. She brought all of her little kids. Then Aiki
bore his cute little testimony and when he went back to sit by Asahi,
Asahi gave him the BIGGEST HUG and we all died it was so cute. ALSO
swear. Anyway, we dont have any plans to teach them right now, but we
are hoping that will come soon!

Also something cute is that when Hikaru was choosing a piece of candy
after eikawa, he was looking at this little apple candy for a long
time trying to decide, and then he whispered “ohisashiburi” which is
the equivalent of “long time no see” and we died. because. its an
apple candy. too cute.

1. Coolest view from this ancient castle thing
2. Right before Kamishima bought us really sketchy Hot-Dogs
3. Samurai Castle

Bready Shimaiimage1 6image2 4image3 2


Hello family!

So this week was transfers and I’mmmmm still in Fujisaki! We (Sister
Healey, Andrus, and I) all bet that Healey and I would transfer, and
Andrus would stay, and the joke is on us because exactly the opposite
happened! Sister Healey and I are a two-man in Fujisaki and Sister
Andrus is gone to Tokuyama. We were all really surprised, and to be
honest, at first I was pretty disappointed. Not because i don’t LOVE
Fujisaki, but because I wanted to be able to meet new people and to
have a new experience? I dont know if that makes any sense. ANYWAY all
is well and this week has been the best! I already know and love
Sister Healey, so this transfer will be amazing, i know it.

Miyazaki San: We had two lessons with her this week. She is
progressing a little, but didnt come to church on sunday. She is a
star at praying, and wants to read all of the book of mormon, but isnt
reading at all, so go figure on that one. She tries to use english
words sometimes, but it makes everything more confusing because we
dont know what she is trying to say; this week she kept saying
“Objection!” but she DEFINITELY didn’t mean objection? Anyway, if yall
could pray that she would be able to feel and recognize the spirit,
that is definitely what she needs right about now.

We had a TON of street lessons this week, but unfortunately none of
them have return appointments. Specifically, last night we were
streeting home from a members house after teaching kids eikaiwa
(english class) and we met this lady named Kumi san. I dont know that
my explanation will fully describe to you the experience, but she
cried, and we cried and the spirit was almost tangible. As we were
going to leave, there was a mutual feeling of “I dont want you to
leave” and “I dont want to leave”. Its just that we could all feel
that she knew this was good and this is what she needs, but she didnt
want to study right now. I wish i had more time to tell you about it,
but i dont. Anyway, she watched us as we biked away. And it was so
sad, and so good. So if you could say a special prayer that she
decides to call us, that would be appriciated. She is the most
prepared person i’ve met here.

Love you so so much!
Bready Shimai!

Ps i dont have any photos this week.
forgive me plz.



HERE I AM, IN THE LAND OF THE FROZEN. It is so so so cold. But we had
the PRETTIEST snow this week and all is okay.

1. We had to drop matsushima san. It was really sad. I really really
love her, but in the end she had no desire to change. We were talking
and she even said “yeah i would probably be a really good person if i
kept the commandments but I’m too lazy” and i DIED. She is the
sweetest human but she still needs some time.
2. So there is this man named Vincint (thats his western name for
english class) (i dont know what his japanese name is) who comes to
eikawai every week. He is the SWEETEST little old man. So years and
years ago he took all the lessons from the missionaries and is GOLDEN
and loves the book of mormon, but his wife is anti, so he wont get
baptized because he doesnt want to hurt her. a few weeks ago when we
were talking about new years, he told us his goal to read the entire
book of mormon in ENGLISH. Anyway the next week he brought us this
warn notebook thing, and he just wanted to show it too us. Over the
last 14 months, he read the entire book of mormon in japanese and
english; and copied them both side by side into this notebook. HE
understand english better but also to understand God better and i am
still in shock. He is AMAZING. “this. it helps me in my daily life”.
3. So something about the Japanese people is that their favorite topic
of conversation is the weather. and it is because it is SO DRAMATIC.
also because they cant handle cold weather. Anyway. We had a giant
snow storm sunday, which made them switch stake conference from
Chikashino to Fujisaki (so convenient for us!) because it was too
stormy for everyone. Anyway, its been pretty cold here ever since!
ALso when we got to church on sunday MIYAZAKI SAN was sitting inside;
HOURS BECAUSE SHE CAME EARLY. She didnt stay for the whole thing, and
stake conference wouldn’t have been my first pick for her first time
at church, but all is well there. She is really concerned about not
understanding the book of mormon, and thinks that she’ll understand it
better in english (which she wont because she doesnt know english) so
hopefully we can help her in that area this week.image2 2