Okay hi! SO remember Asato from last week who I left half way through
his lesson? So he isnt actually our investigator, but the elders have
seen him almost everyday  last week and he has a BAPTISMAL DATE for
the 19th. SO HAPPY.

So a few weeks ago, we were streeting and I just felt the STRONGEST
prompting that we werent supposed to be there, and that we needed to
go house a few blocks away. So we were housing this one apartment
complex, and i could see a light on in another building and I knew we
needed to go there. So we started housing that building, and in the
apartment that I previously saw, we met Genki San. He is 19 and is at
school studying to be a MRI/Xray tech. So we did a short message about
the gospel of jesus christ and got his contact information. He said he
was really busy but we jsut told him we would contact him again later!
MEET TO KNOW MORE. So he gave us a BUNCH of dates to pick from and we
set up a meeting on saturday. We had the elders come again because
they would end up teaching him. The lesson wasnt perfect, and thats
okay. I think he was a bit confused, but he asked some REALLY GOOD
questions, and when we asked if God was really there, what kind of a
role would that play in your life? He responded with ” well i could
probably rely on him when i cant rely on anyone else” IT WAS AMAZING.
I don’t know what the elders have planned for him, and im definitely
sad to not teach him, but its okay! He also came to our ping pong
activity right after the lesson. Ping pong was the best because Asato,
Genki, this other new PI (from the elderss) and the grandpa from
Eikawa were there.

ALSO so on friday, sister healey and i went to go find the one vending
machine within a few miles of our apartment that has Nectar in it.
(the best juice) so we had finished our juice, and were praying to
start proselyting. We are in the middle of a random neighborhood. I
prayed to find someone to teach. THEN OUT OF NOWHERE we hear “oh! its
been a long time! (ohisashibuti!)” And we turn around and it is Yurina
who we met a few weeks ago! We stopped by her work and were supposed
to have an appointment a few weeks ago but she never came. APparetnly
she looiked for us but didnt see us or something! Anyway we have a
lesson with her tonight and we are really excitied.

God is so good. He answers our prayers even when we dont realize it. I
am so so happy to be here in Fujisaki!

PHotos: us with Daichi Kosaka. He is head-butting sister healey.
Us with strawberries! We cant really afford fruits and vegetables, so
when nakano shimai brought us some we were SO HAPPY.

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