twenty…that’s 25%!

Hello Hello!

First things first! Miyazaki San: So we had a lesson with her, and
Shiki shimai was so kind to joint for us. When we had thought about
the lesson earlier, we wanted to talk about Baptism and confirmation,
but when it came time to actually plan NOTHING was feeling right.
Anyway we decided to do some follow up and talk about the Holy Ghost.
So we start the lesson and she hadn’t been reading at all, but she had
been praying, so that was good. After talking about repentance for a
bit Miyazaki got distracted by something and so Shiki shimai was
trying to reel the lesson back in a bit by saying that through things
like repentance and prayer and baptism, we can over come our trials.
And the SECOND she said baptism, Miyazaki san started scrambling and
putting all of her stuff away saying that she likes to be alone and
that she will go and that she doesnt want to meet again. It was really
confusing for me at first because i didnt understand all the Japanese,
and then she left. Anyway, she ended up dropping us and we are really
sad about it.

BUT! Okay so first some background. Every Saturday we do kids english
class. The class is a kid named Aiki who is 7 and in our ward. And
then Hikaru, Asahi, and Misora, who are 5, 7, and 3. They are the
friends of Aiki from school. Also their mom, Maki, is friends with
Aiki’s mom; Okumura Shimai. (Im sorry, that was the most confusing way
to explain that.) Anyway. So the Otani’s (Maki, hikaru, asahi, misora)
have been coming to church activities with the Okumura’s for FOREVER.
but they haven’t ever come to church! So we called okumura shimai to
ask her to invite them to come this week. SO at Eikaiwa on Saturday we
asked, and they said they would! (mostly because it is fast Sunday and
she told maki that aiki wanted to share something with asahi) So
Sunday morning sacrement meeting had started and they weren’t there.
BUT THEN THEY ALL CAME. She brought all of her little kids. Then Aiki
bore his cute little testimony and when he went back to sit by Asahi,
Asahi gave him the BIGGEST HUG and we all died it was so cute. ALSO
swear. Anyway, we dont have any plans to teach them right now, but we
are hoping that will come soon!

Also something cute is that when Hikaru was choosing a piece of candy
after eikawa, he was looking at this little apple candy for a long
time trying to decide, and then he whispered “ohisashiburi” which is
the equivalent of “long time no see” and we died. because. its an
apple candy. too cute.

1. Coolest view from this ancient castle thing
2. Right before Kamishima bought us really sketchy Hot-Dogs
3. Samurai Castle

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