Okay so first! This week on Tuesday, we went down to Fukuoka College
to do some housing in hopes to find some young people. We were housing
this apartment that was basically kinjin (golden people/investigator)
central. We had a lot of really good converstaions, but no return
appointments. Then this guy anwsers the door. I dont even remember
what we talked about, but we asked if we could come back and he said
he WASNT BUSY (this is amazing. everyone, ever, in the city of
fujisaki, is busy) so we set up a return appointment for sunday. SO
sunday comes and we brought the elders in our ward to come with us,
because he would become their investigator. So before the lesson, we
had biked really long, and really fast to his apartment. About 3/4 of
the way there, i was feeling REALLY light headed. so we slowed down
and eventually made it to the 7/11 where we were going to meet the
Elders to go to Asato’s apartment. Then worst got worse and I threw up
all of my lunch outside of the 7/11, right as the elders pulled up. So
then after that i was all “Oh yeah im definietly feeling better, lets
go teach this guy” so i drank some Pocco Sweat and had some breath
mints and we were on our way. We get to this lesson and HE IS AMAZING.
He ran away from home, just quit his job and just feels like he is
kind of floating in life and wants purpose. We also asked him what the
purpose of life was and he said “I dont know, probably like everyone,
that tomorrow holds something better. But i also want to think that it
is so i can go to heaven” So then the conversation continues on and I
am feeling not so great anymore. I nudge sister healey a few times and
she just thought i was trying to tell her that the elders were talking
too much or something. ANYWAY i nudged her really hard and told her
that we had to leave RIGHT NOW or i was going to throw up in this guys
apartment. So i stand up and walk out with out my shoes and these poor
elders and Asato have NO CLUE what to do. Anyway, after throwing up a
little more outside his apartment, we sat and waited for the lesson to
be done. Asato san is AMAZING and accepted a baptismal invitation!
Sister Healey and I wont be the ones to teach him, but we are all
REALLY excited about him!

Something else this week is that the nakagawa couple got back from
living in utah for a year! We had a short message at their house this
week and they lived in OREM so we spent a lot of time talking about
orem and provo! What are the chances i’d have a conversation about the
ice cream at Macey’s with someone in Japan! They are SO SWEET and we
already love them.

Also we had a lady named Yoshimura San come to eikawa this week. She
stopped by the church maybe two weeks ago in the middle of the
afternoon and Healey Shimai and i were already there for some reason,
and she said “Do you teach free English?” and we said “Yes!” so then
she came and it was AMAZING. she is so friendly and she loves
pingpong. So we invited her to our ping pong activity on saturday
night and i talked to her alot! she was really  amazied at how fast we
learn Japanese and at how she has a 19 year old son at college and how
i am 19 too but i live in another country. We havent talked about
religion or anything with her yet, but we feel like she could really
go somewhere.

I think thats all! Pray we can get some investigators this week! I
love you so so so much.
Bready Shimai