Okay so FIRST. Remember our less-active-best-friend Kamishima? So we
went over to her house and she bought grocery store sushi. I am not
the biggest fan of raw fish, but even sister Healey who love sushi was
nervous about this stuff. Anyways i ate all of it and you should be
really really proud. Anyway so we are talking and we invite her to
church and say that we will come pick her up and we will all ride
together, which is when she tells us that she lost the key to her bike
lock, so she can’t ride her bike. So we tell her that we will get the
bike lock off and she will come with us. SO she agrees and gives us
some wire cutters and we go outside the apartment. IT IS THIS GIANT
METAL THING that is actually indestructible. And i am DYING because
this bike lock will be the DEATH of us, and it is the only thing
stopping her from coming to church. So for probably 40 minutes we sit
there with a hammer and some wire cutters and like this other metal
thing trying to get this nasty rusted lock off her bike. And Kamishima
keeps saying “powa uppu” aka “power up” and it is so funny and the
whole situations is so RANDOM but anyway WE DID IT. and she was SO
HAPPY because now she has TRANSPORTATION and she is all “Oh we can go
to ohori koen (a really cool park) to walk booboo chan (her dog) now!”
and Sister andrus replys “YOU CAN COME TO CHURCH” and she was less
excited about that but all in all it was really great.

So this week we have really been praying hard to know where to go to
find sane people with real intent. Sounds funny but it is the truth.
Anyway, it WORKED. we had Junkais (i cant remember the english word
for this, but when you go on splits with the STLS) on friday, so
sister andrus and i went with our STL sister Hilkie. We found this guy
named Ono, who is probably 60ish and he took a book of mormon and siad
he would come to church and HE DID. HE CAME TO CHURCH. No one comes to
church so this is AMAZING. Anyway, we havent been able to teach him
yet but WOW. Then on the way home we streeted into this girl that
Madeux and i streeted into last Transfer. SO last time we met her, we
had a really good totzuzen (mini) street lesson, but she was hesitant
about meeting again/ exchanging info. but THAT DAY she was ALL ABOUT
IT and gave us her phone number and we got a return appointment and
she has been texting us back and everything! If you could pray for
Risa that she will meet with us that would be AWESOME.

We also had a lesson with Miyazaki that went really well. Shiki SHimai
did a joint with us and she is a SUPER MISSIONARY. She is probably one
of my favorite people. Anyway, the lesson was really good. I think she
is a bit overwhelmed because the plan of salvation is a lot to take
in, but we have really high hopes for her.

So a think is that a lot of Japanese people carry pocket electronic
dictionaries. I don’t really know why. ANYWAY here is a list of words
that Miyazaki searched in our lesson: Nuclear, Environment, witchcraft
(talking about resurrection), architecture, crooked, politics,
perverse, haphazard. I don’t really know what any of those had to do
with anything, but it was funny. Also she thinks in her last life she
was Italian.

This week was the best! Love you!
bready shimai

1: kamishima ft. BIKE LOCK
2. We dont meet christians a lot, but when we do, they have pope in a
wreath on their door