Okay so we had a first lesson with this PI from last week; Risa. ( the
one that Madeux and i met last transfer? Did i tell you about her?)
And it was AWESOME. We got lunch first, and then did a ‘Lesson 0″
about god, Jesus, and baptism. I think she didnt really know what to
expect, so she was a bit caught off guard, but she felt the spirit and
i definitely think she could be golden. She is 18 and she is going to
college and she loves all things korea- like boys, and k-pop. Anyway,
she image3image2 3image1 5is really busy (like the whole nation of japan) so pray she makes some
time for us!

We have been trying to get ahold of this less active; Iwami Shimai for
SO LONG. and we finally got a lesson with her! She is 40’s aged and
single and basically my soul sister. She loves art history and she
might take us to see MONET next week. STOP. anyway, we talked about
heavenly father and after she was SO MOVED. She actually said that she
wanted to really think about what she was doing in her life and that
she wanted to come back to church; but also that the next sunday she
had plans to go to the mountains so she didnt know if she could. So
fast forward sacrement meeting had already started and we were all sad
becasue she wasnt there. THEN WE TURN AROUDN AND SHE CAME.It was
amazing. Also because after she was all “call me this week”. ahhh so
so the best.

Okay rewind a little. So saturday at 1:30 we had our lesson with Risa,
but she wanted to eat, so our meeting with her went really long. then
we walked her to the Train station after and then we realized it was
4:05 and our kids english class STARTS AT 4 so we RAN to the church.
It was all fine and not a big deal, but we were all red and late.
Anywya. then after we were supposed to have dinner but bishop wanted
us to visit this less-active that he hasnt ever been able to meet, for
her birthday. So we go to her apartment, and she isnt there. so we
drop a candy bar in her post box, and then her neighbors tell us that
she moved. So that is sad. THEN we biked like a cheetah to Iwami’s
house. Then Iwami’s lesson went late so we biked the fastest in
history back to the church (way across town) and Shiki Shimai is just
sitting in the kitchen with Miyazaki (our other investigator) with
DINNER. Gosh it was amazing. Also Miyazaki remembered the way to pray
and she is making PROGRESS. Also she wwas just talking about her life
and she NEEDS THIS. Gosh i cant wait to see what happens with her! She
is really great, and not crazy like we previously thought.

God is so good! I love japan!

We went to Ohori Koen (big park, like central park in NYC) with
kamishima this week! She had us feed ducks and birds. I wish you could
have seen how MANY BIRDS. it was like a tornado flocking around us.
Also you cant see how wet we are, but we are SOAKING WET.

Love you! Bready Shimaii