Hello family!

So this week was transfers and I’mmmmm still in Fujisaki! We (Sister
Healey, Andrus, and I) all bet that Healey and I would transfer, and
Andrus would stay, and the joke is on us because exactly the opposite
happened! Sister Healey and I are a two-man in Fujisaki and Sister
Andrus is gone to Tokuyama. We were all really surprised, and to be
honest, at first I was pretty disappointed. Not because i don’t LOVE
Fujisaki, but because I wanted to be able to meet new people and to
have a new experience? I dont know if that makes any sense. ANYWAY all
is well and this week has been the best! I already know and love
Sister Healey, so this transfer will be amazing, i know it.

Miyazaki San: We had two lessons with her this week. She is
progressing a little, but didnt come to church on sunday. She is a
star at praying, and wants to read all of the book of mormon, but isnt
reading at all, so go figure on that one. She tries to use english
words sometimes, but it makes everything more confusing because we
dont know what she is trying to say; this week she kept saying
“Objection!” but she DEFINITELY didn’t mean objection? Anyway, if yall
could pray that she would be able to feel and recognize the spirit,
that is definitely what she needs right about now.

We had a TON of street lessons this week, but unfortunately none of
them have return appointments. Specifically, last night we were
streeting home from a members house after teaching kids eikaiwa
(english class) and we met this lady named Kumi san. I dont know that
my explanation will fully describe to you the experience, but she
cried, and we cried and the spirit was almost tangible. As we were
going to leave, there was a mutual feeling of “I dont want you to
leave” and “I dont want to leave”. Its just that we could all feel
that she knew this was good and this is what she needs, but she didnt
want to study right now. I wish i had more time to tell you about it,
but i dont. Anyway, she watched us as we biked away. And it was so
sad, and so good. So if you could say a special prayer that she
decides to call us, that would be appriciated. She is the most
prepared person i’ve met here.

Love you so so much!
Bready Shimai!

Ps i dont have any photos this week.
forgive me plz.