This week has been SO GOOD! First, it was so good to see your FACES
MOVING IN ACTUAL LIFE. It was my actual favorite thing.

So when we went and dendo’d in Fukuoka this week, I was with sister
weller and sister Whitworth, who are in my ‘doki’ which is the same
group from the MTC and we showed one of the new christmas mormon
messages. While we were watching it, this girl we met on the street
was SO SHOCKED; like ” AHHH i had no idea!” and it hit me like a
TRAIN. like the polar express. okay hi. In japan there are all these
people and they are buddhist and so christmas isnt really a thing
besides expensive gas station christmas cake. And so it hasn’t really
FELT like christmas, you know? it isnt snowy and people dont have
lights on their houses and no one even CELEBRATES. But we were
standing there, telling her WHY we love christmas and it was so GOOD.
I can’t quite describe it, but the chance to actually tell people about
Christ, to talk about God for the first time, is amazing. Lots of
people dont want to listen to us, which is really hard. But I am so
thankful for Jesus Christ and that through Him, I can return to the
Father. I am so incredibly grateful to be on a mission! I love and
miss you so so much, but I dearly love Japan too. I can slowly start
to see Matsushima’s heart change every time we talk with her and I
know that God loves her so much. I know that he has a super master
plan for her and for me and for everyone. Ah i just love it.

Have the BEST CHRISTMAS and take lots of pictures and eat american
things and stuff. 122
bready shimai