SO first: christmas! We went to the Halls house and they had a giant
ham and everything! it was really fun and we had such a good day. THEN
saturday morning, we get a call from our mission president, and my
trainer, sister madeux, got EMERGENCY TRANSFERED to sasebo. So by 1pm
that day she was at the mission home, and i returned back to fujisaki
with my two new companions. SO now i am in a trio with Sister healey
and Sister Andrus; who were already in our apartment in Fuji saki!
Sister Healey will now finish training the both of us at the same
time. It was really hard to see sister madeux go because i love her SO
MUCH, but i love my new companions as well too. It has been an
adjustment, but we are doing good!

So we’ve been teaching Miyazaki San and yesterday we met her at a
resteraunt called Joyful. She is 54, and she brought a teddy bear to
the lesson, but despite her little bit of craziness, the lesson went
really well and she was SO EXCITED about everything. “REJOICE” is what
she kept saying. She likes learning words in english,so i think thats
why! Haha. She already reads the bible, so Im really excited to see
what she thinks about the Book of Mormon. I’ll keep you posted.

WE also visited a less active, Baba, who Andrus and Healey had
previously been visiting. She was SO HAPPY when we came, and was just
calling everything a “kiseki” aka miracle. WHICH IS AMAZING becasue
Healey and Andrus’s last message was about noticing God’s hand, aka
miracles, in ourlives, and they challenged her to write them down. AND
she wouldnt do it! She was super “i don’t have miracles, i can’t notice
them” and then yesterday it was a complete 180! she remembered a bunch
of good stuff that happened, and she was so happy. Ah i can’t describe
it, but it was one of my favorite things. Also she found the last
three peices of this gyoza wrap at the store and was like a kid on
christmas. SO cute.

SO yesterday for new years eve, we went to the Shiki’s house to make
mochi. Brother Shiki built their house and it is like a giant triangle
shape and it is green. The bottom floor is a huge woodshop, and then
upstairs is their house. So they had a fire going ourside cooking a
bunch of rice, and then you’d pound out the mochi outside. Then in the
shop they had a wood stove cooking miso soup and shrimp and then all
of the wives of the family would make the mochi into little balls and
but the onko (bean paste) inside them. It was so cabin-y feel and it
was SO FUN. I even got to pound the rice. I’ll send pictures! Mochi
making is a japanese thing for new years, they make it on NYEve and
then when they do new years cleaning they dont have to cook for like a
week because they just eat mochi. Its amazing. ALso the mochi with
bean paste was actually amazing and not disgusting like when i ate it
last week so IMPROVEMENT YAY

I think thats all! love you so so much!
xoxo bready shimai

Kosaka family! we had a dinner with them; they made curry pizza! They
are SO CUTE.
Other pictures: the mochi making! Those wooden things are used to
hammer out the rice.