1. So becasue Fujisaki became a 4 man, sister Jorgensen and I had to
split our investigators and that was SO HARD. It is like dividing
children. Anyway, sister Jorgensen and Sister Henderson will be
teaching Yuri. She is still doing well, so that’s good.
2. Sister Weller and I will be teaching Yoko and Asako! So we had a
lesson with Yoko and it was really good! She speaks relaly soft and we
wer in a McDonald’s, and then combined with her.. Weird?difficult?.
Japanese, we had a hard time understanding her. But our member was
AWESOME. Anyway, we invited her to be baptized on the 21 of next
month, and she didn’t except but she is going to pray about it. What
we didn’t understand in the lesson, that Nakano SHimai filled us in on
later, was that she has a feeling that SHE WANTS TO BE BAPTIZED but
she does know why! Anyway so that is REALLY HAPPY. Her work schedule
changes all the time though, so plz pray she can come to church on

3. Asako! We had a lesson planned, but she dropped it and we haven’t
been able to contact her which is THE WORST. So there is that.

Other than that. I cannot think of anything? Mostly a lot of crazy
with transfers and the earthquake! This week should be more back to

Here is a picture of us contacting someone on the street. If you ever
think yo yourself “I wonder what sister Bready is doing right now”
this is probably the anwser.. OR you could get really really wet, and
then bike somewhere and that is probably accurate too?


Xoxo Bready Shimaiimage1 11.JPG