So it turns out that even the earth moves! The earthquake was in
Kumamoto, which is about 3 hours away from where I am in Fujisaki. We
definitely felt the earthquakes here, but our apartment and everything
is doing fine! Because of the damage in Kumamoto and surrounding
areas, the sister missionaries from those areas had to be evacuated
and moved into the Fukuoka zone for a few days. So Sunday after noon,
The Kumamoto Shimai came to stay with us! We’ve been doing splits with
them for the last few days. Unfortunately, as our Mission President,
along with area 70 went to look at the situation in those areas, it
isn’t sutibble for anyone to live there (no gas, water, or
electricity), there are 4 areas of the mission that just closed; and
sisters that need to places to be! Which leads me to transfer calls:

SO I’ve been here in Fujisaki for a wonderful six months! And usually
six months is the max time you stay in anyone place. But because this
isn’t a usual situation, and there are 8 extra sisters in the Fukuoka
zone, Fujisaki is becoming a four-man again and I’ll be staying here
with Sister Weller! So she will come here on Thursday. Sister
Jorgensen will be training a new missionary! We’re in for a really
good transfer here in Fujisaki:-)

YURI CAME TO CHURCH EVERYONE and she said it was a really sacred
experience and I DIE SHE IS SO PERFECT. Today we are teaching keeping
the sabbath day holy; which is going to be hard considering she opens
her coffee shop on Wednesday always. BUT she has a lot of faith, and
so do we!

ASAKO (previously had baptismal date, but we didn’t see her for two
weeks for unknown reasons) met her again! She understands EVERYTHING.
She totally GETS the plan of salvation and the purpose of life and it
is AWESOME. We did find out that her husband is Anti; so it will be
hard for her to come to church/do other church things. But she has a
really good heart. Also she needs this SO BAD. Anyway. What a star.

We have a lesson with Yoko this week! Wooooo

We’ve gotten SO MANY return appointments in the last few days and it
is awesome. This situation isn’t exactly what anybody wants; and
everything is kind of a blur; but I also know that God has much bigger
plans for Fujisaki than I can think of! I love love it here, and am so
blessed to spend another six weeks in this city.

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