Hi hi

Okay so it is starting to warm up here in Fujisaki and I LOVE IT. We
used to have to brace ourselves when we walked out the door, but now
we don’t even need a coat. Wooo. Also it is Sakura season which means
that everything is pink and the Japanese people now talk about two
things: the weather, AND Sakura 😉

SO bad news first: Jo dropped us. SO we had an appointment, and she
sent us a text on Tuesday saying that she just wanted to study the
Book of Mormon and bible by herself. We tried to contact her, but she
blocked our phone number. It’s okay though because God has a really
comprehensive plan, for us, and for Jo.

Yuri: a bit of a standstill. Understands everything, but isn’t
experiencing any change of heart. But her birthday is today and she is
really cute, so it will work out.

Kayoko: had the BEST LESSON talking about the plan of salvation.
Everyone really felt the spirit, and nakano Shimai was the best joint
(this is not new information). BUT she feels pressure REALLY EASY, so
it is hard to give her commitments without her feeling like she HAS
to. Also she is traveling for an unknown amount of time, so we don’t
know when we will see her next. SATAN IS SNEAKY EVERYONE.

YOKO: so I can’t remember if I told you about her. Like two weeks ago
she called us after we had got her phone number on the street and was
basically like “hey want to talk in like 10 minutes at McDonald’s?” To
which we were all “YES”. Anyway, we had a really good lesson 0 then,
but she didn’t want to set up a return appointment. But we called
later (oh yes I did already tell you about her, sorry) anyway and we
had a meeting with her Yesterday! Nothing super spectacular, but she
trusts us, and she really wants to learn. She said it is really
difficult to understand, so we really need to work on our teaching
skills. But she brought her 7 year old son and he is the most well
behaved 7yo I have ever met. I have a lot of hope for Yoko! Pray that
she can understand the gospel; because she really needs it.

Other events of the week:
Mostly lots of free food from people?
1. This grandpa stopped and gave us tiny pizzas
2. Same day as the pizzas a Christian lady gave us her fancy bakery
bread and cookies (we gave her a Book of Mormon, so good trade I
think) also I always wonder. People are going home with the food they
just bought, and then they GIVE IT ALL TO US and then keep going home.
What are they going to eat?
3. We housed into the NICEST PEOPLE EVER. The son talked to us and was
probably the nicest person I’ve ever met, then the mom came and gave
us koroke which is fried mashed potato balls and i died.
4. We went to the park and they had a festival and we had Mochi Mochi
potato fries. I don’t even know.