So JO: She has a lot of questions. So she is Buhhdist, but she prays
to Mary and thinks that life is like a giant mountain, right. And at
the top is God. So she wants to return to God, but feels like right
now she is hacking her way up the mountain with Mary telling her what
to do. So this week we were talking about Jesus and about how he
previously climbed said mountain and made an easy-to-use path up it.
And she was 1. Shocked “hey this is my example with the whole mountain
thing” and 2. “Well I kind of like the unknown” SO that didn’t go
quite as planned. But she is keeping her commitments. Right now she is
getting chemo so we won’t see her until Wednesday.

YURI: three year anniversary of her shop opening, so she’s been
working extra hard this week. We haven’t seen her for a bout a week,
but she has been praying, so that’s good. Last time we talked she said
“I think I should get baptized, but I don’t want to” SOWOWWW. I think
if we can just get her to come to church, all would be well.

KAYOKO: so our last lesson was SO GOOD until we talked about baptism.
She asked a lot of good questions about baptism, but then we spent too
much time on it and she felt a lot of pressure to get baptized which
was TOTALLY NOT our intent. We have a lesson with her on Wednesday
with superstar-joint Nakano Shimai, so that will be really good I

ASAKO (new face): So Healey SHimai and I met her a while ago and made
a return appointment out of thin air for last Monday. (Really, we
talked about zero gospel principles) and SHE CAME. She was a total
wild card. Pretty much she just wanted to meet again to talk with
white people. Anyway, she is super talkative, loves cooking, and
mostly is just by herself. She is SO HARD for me to understand, but
the lesson was really good, and she CRIED when talking about baptism
and when we extended the invitation she said “yeah when?” Sister
Jorgensen and I could NOT wipe these giant grins off our faces. ANyway
she picked the 23 of next month. So we meet with her again yesterday
to do a baptismal calendar, and she isn’t going to be here for the
next two weeks, so that makes thinks pretty difficult. Also because
she really loves drinking, so that will make things a bit difficult in
the future. But we did show her the Baptismal font and she said her
heart got all fast and WOW she is so open to the spirit. So pray that
we can meet with her sooner than two weeks from now!

ALso I gave a talk in sacrement meeting on Sunday in Japanese.
Here is a selfie of me and my companion at Hakata going to Nakagawa
for exchanges with the STLS. Japan has juice box vending machines and
I love it.image1 8