Hi hello!

So this week was transfers! I am still in Fujisaki! It’s okay becasue
I love love it here. Sister healey Left on Thursday to go to Iwakuni
(American base) and by new companion, SIster Jorgensen, came from
Iwakuni! We switched companions, which is pretty funny.

So Sister Jorgensen is from North Carolina! She is two transfers older
than me, so we are both pretty young, which is so so good! She wants
to be a lawyer post mission and previously went to Vanderbilt. We get
along really well and it is so easy to work hard together with her! We
have some really high goals for this transfer,so I’m way excited.

I’m trying to think! Nothing too earth shaking happened this week. We
went to ward council and they argued about rice and karaoke so if that
isn’t classic Japanese,I don’t know what is?

Also on sunday we went to Bishop Miyake’s house for dinner! He doesn’t
live in our area, so we don’t go often. ALso becasue he lives in a
mountain and it is about an hour of uphill biking. ANYWAY it was
totally worth it! The tashiro’s were there too (ward mission. Leader,
his wife, and two kids)

Sorry I don’t have much to say this week! Here is a picture of me in
my really CUTE rain pants going to the bishops house.image2 6