Shoot this week was SO FAST. Sorry I forgot to tell you I wouldn’t
email yesterday, it is transfer week so our Pday is today!

A list of exciting events:
1. Junkai’s in Nakagawa! (Exchanges with the STLs). So Thursday night
we needed to take the subway to Hakata Eki and then a Shinkansen to
Nakagawa. So we get to Hakata, Get our Shink tickets and everything
and get on the Shink. (They’re super fast. Like an airplane but on the
ground.) So we are on the Shink, and it’s supposed to be a really
short ride to Nakagawa. BUT WE WERE ON THE WRONG ONE. So we took a 45
minute into Kumamoto. (Also you should know it is about 8:45 at this
point, and curfew is at 9) So while we were on the train we called our
STLS and had just planned to ride back to Hakata and get on the right
Shink and it would be fine. So we are on our second train, coming back
to Hakata (is this making sense?) and I am sitting across the isle
from sister healey. This Japanese man starts having a conversation
with me and is all “where are you from” so I said “America” and he
responsds “WOW YOUR JAPANESE IS AMAZING” which is funny because I
literally said “America” Anyway. The first 10 minutes of the
conversation I understood and I explained why I was here and it was
really cold. Then I don’t know how but he started to compare America
and Japan and Gun laws and his opinions and that’s when I had to just
pretend like I understood. ANYWAY during this conversation, KAICHO
calls sister healey and tells her that the AP’s are going to meet us
at Hakata and drive us to Nakagawa. Anyway, wow. What a day.

2. Junkai’s! I went with Sister Wilkenson, who is actually from PG! It
was so fun. Also the weather has been SO NICE all week and it is
basically Hawaii. So much love. Anyway, we got to have dinner with the
cutest family in the Fukuoka ward. Their daughter is 7 and is probably
the best 7 year old I’ve ever met. She wanted to give a Book of Mormon
to her school teacher, so at class one day she tried to give it to
her. But she wouldn’t take it, so she TOOK IT TO HER HOUSE. Also she
was showing me her Kanji homework and she was trying to explain
“chikara” which is power, and she said “oh yeah, like… Iesu Sama no
Chickara” aka “JESUS POWER” and I DIED.

3. Felt my first ever Earthquake! Hi mom I am okay. We were playing
ping pong at the church with a bunch of people and it was just like a
giant truck rolled by and the whole building shook. So cool.

4. So this transfer sister Healey and I haven’t been eating dessert
and so we have this GIANT pile of treats that we’ve slowly been
accumulating (people give us so much stuff it is insane) and today we
started to eat it and I ate one twix bar and I feel like death. It was
a little disappointing because I DONT EVEN CARE ABOUT IT ANYMORE. Are
you proud mom? All I want is vegetables. wow this is such a strange
paragraph. I never thought I would say such things.

5. Today is transfer calls! I bet I stay, and Healey Shimai leaves.
She has been here for four transfers already, but anything can happen!

Love you so much!

2. Selphie with the AP’s
3. “Come to church we have pop tarts” The primary kids wrote these to
give to some less actives.  First, they don’t have pop tarts in Japan
that I know of, and second, I don’t know how they did this in English.image2 3image1 2image3 2