22 1/2? somehow this one was skipped!


Okay so Asato San; the one we found that I had to quick leave his
apartment who has a baptismal date who the elders are teaching? HIS
Asato San! This is SO PERFECT. The elders just called his brother and
his brother is going to tell Asato San this week!

So we had a joint with the office elders and one of their
investigators; Nagashima. Nagashima brought his friend, Kondo, which
is why we were there! She is 21, she works at a shrine and is studying
economics. She asked a TON of good questions. Nothing super exciting
happened, but we have a return appointment with her and she is really
interested. We also jointed with Nakano shimai and she is SO EXCITED.
Nakano shimai is  probably the best member missionary I’ve ever met!
We went streeting with her this week and she was such a start. She
came up with her own approaches and everything! We even saw her at an
activity on Saturday and she was all “so, Kondo san is moving next
month to Oita, so let’s get her baptized before then?” I’m pretty sure
Nakano SHima I has enough faith for all of us!

Yesterday we met Megumi San. She is also 21, but she is so different
from Kondo. She is a vet and she is 50/50 about God and everything.
Actually let me rewind a little. Healey’s bike tire popped so we
couldn’t go where we had planned to. So we did a lot of walking
streeting and I flagged down this girl on a bike. She stopped (later
we found out she just really likes foreign things, including foreign
people, lol) so we started to talk to her. She asked us why we chose
to come her and do this and when we got to setting up a return
appointment she was all “okay I’m half and half. I can’t decide” so we
said “how about, you meet with us one more time, and if after that,
you want to keep meeting, that’s great. And if you don’t, that’s fine
too” She STILL didn’t decide, but we exchanged phone numbers. There is
something really special about her! We talked to 440 people this week,
but she was really different. Please pray she will meet with us again,
and when that does happen, we will know what to say!

Other things: someone jumped up at eikawa and started singing Stevie
wonder and there is nothing funnier than that.

I love you all so so much!
Bready Shimai