okay hi

SO Last sunday we went to the Kosakas for dinner, right? so yesterday
at church i was trying to thank Brother Kosaka again for the dinner. I
accidentally said “thank you for dinner next week” and it was just
terrible and like i was trying to invite myself over. maybe you had to
be there?

ANyway, we had ANOTHER dinner appointment yesterday at the Shiki
family’s apartment. Theyre a really young couple with a 1 year old
son. Then the four of us sisters, and then Mai chan (the one who just
got baptized) another recent convert, Katski, and then our ward
mission leader Tashido Kyodai. So he is actually married and has a
kid,, but his wife is somewhere else staying with her mom while she
has another baby. SO it was just him. We were previously terrified of
Tashido because he was a FIRE missionary and he is really young and
scary and yeah. BUT he came to dinner and we did some really good BRT
and he was telling us stories and giving katski dating advice (katski
is 17) and it was hilarious and so so good. FOR DINNER we had Taco
Yaki, which is like a pancake ball with octopus in side of it. Like a
filled Avelskiever? With sauce on top. Octopus is really chewy. But it
was so good! THey also had french fries and salad? haha so random.
THen for dessert there was an apple pie made by the only white family
in our ward, and we ate it with our fingers for reasons i dont know.
THEN they had little pancake balls filled with marshmallow and
chocolate. Anwway the whole thing was amazing, but mostly we were all
so happy becasue of tashido and the shikis. Our ward is mostly really
old people or young parents, so we have a hard time finding people to
do joints with or share messages becasue theyre really busy. But we
are relaly good friends now!

Matsushima got sick this week, so her lesson was cancelled, and then
she went to kobe to see her son. But we took her soup and her lesson
on this wednesday should be excellent!

we got a few return appointments this week, one is mid twenties girl,
and another a college boy. I am really excied about those! We also
streeted the CUTEST grany this week who was going to BALLET and she
was all “oh yes i took discussions when i was young” and she is so
cute. we didnt get her number, but we feel like she will call us. We
are already best friends, so it will work out great.

A thing is that LITERALLY EVERYONE tells me i look like a doll. At
first it was like “oh what a nice, strange, compliment” but ACTUALLY
MULTIPLE TIMES A DAY people say it to me. I think it is the bangs
combined with my white, white skin.