Hey hey hey

THIS WEEK so we had a return appointment with this lady; probably mid
50’s. SO We come back and she opens the door and says in english “i
have crying” and anyway, her aunt died and so she was all “i am in
mourning so i cannot meet right now, oh what are we going to do?!?”
and we were just said “oh can we just share a short message” and then
she was all “oh good idea!” so then she goes back into her house and
starts cleaning and like speaking softly to herself and after like 5
minutes invites us in. Then she gives us an orange and a small
chocolate covered in dust. THEN she makes us hot calpis; which is like
this weird orange milk drink that is not good warm. THEN she  sits
down and it was the weirdest conversation i’ve had. Then we share the
“because of him” and she was ALL ABOUT THAT VIDEO and we invited her
to be baptized and she was all “i dont think January would work
because i am in mourning” but we think we could do february. Also then
she asked about resurrection, and like out of no where she says “ah
japanese junk food’ and starts opening all the cupboards in her house
and finally comes back with the supposed junk food that is actually
this stew of rice and oatmeal and onions and egg. ANYWAY that was a
trial. SO anyway, she is a little bit insane, but she has a really
good heart. SO yeah.

What else. We biked up an ACTUAL mountain to our bishops house for
dinner and they are so CUTE and they actually have a christmas tree.
He tells really good stories that i can acutlaly understand in
japanese!! haha

I also accidentally called one of our BFF’s, Kamishima, ‘Kamisama”
which is GOD. And she patted me on the head and told me that my
japanese was skilled. ahh.

WE had another appointment with Nakano SHimai ( the one who we got the
referral from last week) and she IN THE LESSON was all”oh let me call
her right now and invite her!” SHE IS AMAZING.

Sorry i dont have much! This week is so good! I love my sister madeux
and the work!

xoxo bready shimai