Okay this week was so good! So first, we had a lesson with Chan San.
We streeted into her last week and set a return appt. with her inside
her korean shop in this small mall thing. So we came back and she was
all “oh yes! hey everyone i told them that they could come back and
here they are.” and so she set up these chairs in the middle of this
store and we start to teach. By now it is us three and then this one
rando guy on the other side of the room. THEN the guy gets up and
comes over and moves his chair and says “i heard jesus christ so i
wanted to listen is that okay” AND WE DIED BECAUSE THAT STUFF DOESNT
HAPPEN. Anyway we did a lot of just talking about what we do as
missionaries and it was way good. Then we gave them both books of
mormon and they are BOTH coming tomorrow for another lesson. We are
really excited about them!

We had another lesson with Matsushima and then we called her friday
night and she said she remembered our faces and decided to read the
book of mormon (amazing bc she doesnt ever keep commitments) and she
wants to read more. She didnt come to chruch on sunday, but we are
still hopeful!

We had a first lesson with this lady named Yumi, and it was a basic
plan of salvation and the Because of Him video. SHE RECOGNIZED THE
SPIRIT ALL BY HERSELF and when we watched the video, she, in english,
was all “ahhh, second chances” and YES. I almost cried like five times
during the lesson because I am just so overwhelmed with graditude that
I am able to witness things like this. I cant even describe it.

MAI CHAN GOT BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY. We had a heart attack trying to
figure out how to make the water warm (all of the heating stuff is in
kanji so) but a member came and rescued us. Mai chan’s mom is the RS
president, and she was crying and so so happy. Mai’s sister and
brother came and that was really good too. Their dad wasn’t there, but
we are hoping someday he will soften his heart! (dad, and siblings
arent members. they are pretty anti.) Anyway. IT WAS SO GOOD. and she
got confirmed on sunday. Also sunday was the primary program and if
there is anything better than japanese kids, it is japanese kids
singing about jesus.

this morning i saw a man pushing his dog in a stroller. god bless.

bready shimai