So last Saturday was a YSA activity for the Fukuoka stake. They asked
the missionaries from a few zones to come and help and it was SO COOL.
so everyone got paired up with a missionary (for most it was two
members and one missionary) and then we went out and streeted. I wont
lie because it was SO HARD because im so so new and these girls only
speak japanese so I had a hard time helping them learn to dendo, but
the whole activity was way great. The members here are the ultimate

So we went to visit Chan san (lady in the korean store) and the boy
that joined in last time wasnt there. As we were talking to her, she
was asking some questions about JW’s and the whole thing was super
confusing. Anyway, she ended up telling us she wasnt very interested
but that we can come back to just visit. That was really hard but
maybe one day!

We got a couple return appointments this week; one with a
highschool-aged girl, who is really sweet. Another with a young mom. I
have a lot of hope for them! Also this week while streeting, this girl
was really thinking about the questions we were asking her, and said
“what is true? like what does truth mean” and I dont know that i could
have come up with a really good anwser in english, let alone virtually
zero japanese, but I somehow managed to explain something
understandable. Anyway, we didnt get a return appointment, but she
said “ah i can just feel your spirit, it is good” as she was walking
away and Sister Maduex and i DIED because YES.

Also we got a dinner appointment on Sunday! The Kosakas are the BEST.
They have six kids in this tiny apartment and she is basically
superhuman. They made okonomiyake which is like a pancake thing that
has meat and other stuff in it with special sauce. They are so so
good. I think these ones had octopus in them, but i really have no

We’ve also been visiting alot with a less-active named Kamishima. She
is about 50ish and single and we are BFF’s. Everytime we go over there
she has a MEAL prepared and everytime we’ve just eaten lunch so we are
so full when we leave. Also she GAVE US A HUG FIRST as we left this
week. You guys, japanese people dont really HUG. It was amazing. She
has a hard time keeping commitments, but i know she will come back

We went to this noodle place after district meeting this week and i
DIE because it is so good. SO GOOD I SAY.

pictures: Shimai with Kosaka Shimai and three of her kids, the ramen
from monday, and sister maduex and i’s hand turkeys. oh also the group
is the YSA activity.


XOXO bready shimai