Ten? Someone tell me what week it is



Okay hi. SO on Tuesday night we got into Narita at like 5ish and then flew from Tokyo to Fukuoka, where we were met by the mission president and his wife! We have 30 missionaries in our Doki .. like who all came in on the same day.. so there was a TON of people and it was so great. I dont think i’ve ever wanted sleep so bad in my life. haha. Anyway, that night we all slept at the mission home. Wedesday, we had interviews with President Egan and then we went out and dendo’d with some missionaries from the surrounding areas! I was really nervous, but it was SO FUN. I went with Sister Healey, from AF. She is so great and I just really love her! Later that night we went to this resteraunt to eat Tonkatsu which is like pork that is breaded and fried and there is miso soup and all this really good stuff. Then that night we found out where everyone’s new area/trainer is! It was really sad to see everyone go, but also really exciting. Then Thursday morning, we headed to Hakata Eki, which is like the big train/bus station in Fukuoka to do transfers! SO NOW, I’m in FUJISAKI! Its about 20 minutes via subway from Fukuoka. The area is basically all city and super awesome. My trainer is Sister Madeux from Minnesota! She is a fifth transfer; so about 7ish months i think! We get along really well and she is the BEST. We live in an apartment with previously mentioned Sister Healey and her new bean Sister ANDRUS. We’re all BFFs.
So we have 2 investigators right now: Mai Chan and Matsushima San. Mai Chan is 22 and she has been going to church her whole life, but up until two years ago, her father wouldn’t let her get baptized. Then when she was like 20, she had a baptismal date, but then dropped it because she got really scared. BUT THEN like last week, sister Maduex’s old companion decided to text her and ask her about baptism, so she did, and then Mai Chan prayed about it and feels really good! So last week they taught her all five lessons, and she is getting baptized on Saturday! HOW GOOD IS THAT. Her mom is super active and she is so so happy about it.
Our other Investigator is Matsushima san, and she is like.. maybe 70? Honestly Japanes people are so youthful looking I cant really tell after they pass 40. That sounds terrible. Anyway. She is really great and we taught her on Saturday and the spirit was TOTALLY there, but she got really distracted telling some story about something really weird.. im not entirely sure what she was talking about? SO that was kind of sad. But we are hoping to slowly reel her in.
So on Saturday it was pouring rain and i had yet to get a Kappa – rain suit,
side note, this computer doesnt do parenthesis? so excuse my typing
okay so im dripping wet and we need a kappa so we can go out after dinner. So we go to Donkey Hote to get one. While we were there, we decided to ask if they had a bike basket cover, to keep that stuff dry as well. SO we were trying to say basket cover, and sometimes you can say english words in a japanese accent and they understand. But not this time. ANYWAY THEN THIS HIGHSCHOOL STUDENT, in perfect english, says “you look like you need some help” so he helped us figure out that they didnt have the basket covers, and then he was asking us why we were here so we started talking to him. And he is christian and I shared a scripture and it was the actual BEST. THEN he gave us his phone number and his name AND I DIED BECAUSE IT WAS AMAZING. Anyway, Taisei is so great.
other things about japan:
everything is pink. We will house in these danchi’s and the doors and the stairs are all PINK.
Even when we eat like italian or regular non asian food, it still tastes asian.
Everything is cute. We eat these little koala cookies all the time that are my fave. EVERYTHING IS CUTE HERE I CANT. Especially babies.
OKAY I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! This is really hard. But it is so good and I know this is where God needs me. I love love these people.
xoxo Bready Shimai