An update on Branch 68J:

Elder Anderson: Fan club has died down to previously devoted member’s mother. Sends packages weekly.
Elder Preciado: Spirit animal has been confirmed as Jake Gillenhall.
Elder Magana: With the incoming Kohai from last week, we’ve had more spanish speaking sisters. Therefore, Magana has a posse of Sisters who like to flirt with him. On one occasion, a sister actually dropped a tray of food in attempt to talk to him. Wild stuff, I say.
Elder Metakingi: After 7 weeks of begging, we have done the impossibe: gotten a photo of elder Metakingi in our district picture. The exchange for such a photo was that my district could see my forehead? Apparently bangs provide for a lot of mystery. Also, Metakingi will often ask Burnisde Shimai and I to read the Book of Mormon in Japanese so he can get a good laugh. (We are really bad at reading hiragana)
Sister Andrus: so the elders (mostly Metakingi Choro) have been calling her “MC Andrus” for the longest time, and we didnt know why. Finally Metakingi said it was becasue “Her words are like a bullet train” and “no one else can speak that fast”. We’re all waiting for Metakingi and her to drop an album of Japanese Mormon rap together.
other items of note:
– we got ipads! Everyone in our district is really excited. We don’t do a whole ton on them, but they’re really fun. Also because they make all the other missionaries jealous.
– Sunday evening after devotional, some sisters on our floor came to my door and are all “sister bready! we have something for you!” which is super weird because that never happens. So they hand me this envelope. And THEN they told me that some elder from the floor below us in our classroom building was sitting next to them during Devo and asked them to give me this note. ANYWAY i have NO IDEA who this elder is and it has got to be the strangest thing on the PLANET. I’ve attached a picture so you can just read it yourself. The MTC is so weird I can’t deal sometimes.
SO TOMORROW WE GET FLIGHT PLANS AND ALSO OUR KATAKANA NAME TAGS. Basically it is Christmas! WE LEAVE IN TEN DAYS and my brain is having a hard time imagining that.
I love you so much!
Bready しまい