So this week we signed up for new-missionary hosting, and we got assigned to TRAFFIC HOST aka wear those really cute reflective vests and wave our arms all day in the middle of the road. It turned out to be really great though because 1. no crying missionaries for us 2. no crying parents. we just told them to stop their cars and unload. Also because no lifting heavy luggage.  I did get a little sunburned though. Anyway, we had a really great time.
So there is a hierarchy of Japanese missionaries. The brand new group is called ‘Kohai’, the middle group is “senpai” and the oldest are ‘daisenpai’. Anyway. three weeks ago we didn’t get new Kohai, so we’ve been the babies for six whole weeks. BUT the senpai just left, and we just got TWO DISTRICTS of kohai yesterday, and it is the BEST. They’re so new and i DIE because so cute. I mean, not like i’m not a greenie, but the MTC is different. anyway.
Oh so every Wednesday we do service, which mostly just means we get a cleaning assignment in building 19M. HOWEVER it is the best because in that building all the pictures are these missionary pictures from like the 80’s and they are SO COOL. So we love doing anything that requires us to walk around all five floors. SO they gave us the job of ‘dust preventing’ aka dusting things that arent dusty. Really we just took laps around every floor ‘dusting’ the picture frames.
This week we also did Skype TRC, which is where you teach a member for like 20-40 minutes (depending on the week) and its like FHE, but in japanese. We’ve been doing regular TRC where people volunteer to come into the mtc and we teach them in person; usually it is japanese RMs. Anyway, so skype trc is supposed to be special beacause they are japanese natives, in japan, right? Ours was skyping from the JKB at BYU, also she was from Cali. It was really great still, just kind of funny 🙂
ONLY TWO AND A HALF WEEKS LEFT. AH so good. so good.
xo bready shimai