Some things from this week:

  1. Sister Burnside got not one, but TWO elders to eat acorns while we were waiting outside for conference. Elder Enze ate half of it and died, and then Elder Choi ate the ENTIRE THING and was like “I don’t think those are supposed to be edible”.
  2. SO I got a package from my friend Jace (just got back from Japan) and it was full of these really good but also bizarre Japanese candies. So there was this weird looking flat breaded thing, and so I asked (previously mentioned) Elder Enze to eat it. SO HE DID and it turns out, it was like some strange squid or maybe chicken JERKY. Everyone was dying because he got really sick. AND THEN Elder Choi wanted to try it and HE LOVED IT. A real phrase was “this is my favorite snack”
  3. Sister Burnside accidentally dropped her plate in the cafeteria and broke it and I was literally crying because I was laughing so hard, and then all of these people kept being all “omg are you okay?” and I looked like the Worst. Companion. Ever. because I’m just over here dying and all “oh she’s fine” anyway, it was hysterical.
  4. So we did this activity while our teacher was being an investigator where we were supposed to write questions on the board about a lesson. So all of the Shimai were in teaching, so we didn’t have time to do it. But when we came back, there were like a good amount of q’s on the board. SO we go over one from Elder Hall. Then we move onto the next one, also Elder hall, but different handwriting. It turns out ALL OF THEM WERE HALL and he just changed his handwriting to look like all of us participated. We had two teachers in class at this point and their reactions were PRICELESS. Like actually dumbfounded because it was the most ridiculous thing on planet earth. Our elders are such a treat, I tell you.
  5. There was a whole conversation about how Magana Choro lost his shower loofa and that is just funny stuff.

MTC is so good, God is good, people are good.


xo Bready Shimai