I’VE BEEN HERE A MONTH. Mom reminded me today that many people have come and left the MTC and i’m still hanging out here. Yes. It isnt that bad though because every Wednesday they have ice cream with the tiny M&Ms. Also people here speak English.

So Sister Burnside and I continue to teach (fake) investigators. In one of our lessons this week, we invited Elsie San to baptism. The only problem is that WE DON’T KNOW IF SHE SAID YES OR NO. How classic. This whole learning-a-language thing will never not be funny to me.
Also a thing is that our whole zone of elders keeps going around saying “Byokii Kyodai” meaning “sick bro!” and they look like idiots, but it is really funny. SO then this week after devotional, we are having devo review, and Brother Collinsworth from the branch presidency is in our class with us. Gesturing to Elder Hall, who has a cold, to share his comments he says “okay, Byokii Kyodai” and I lost my MIND. Also elder Choi (korean with the best laugh on the planet) had like a seizure-like reaction, he was laughing so hard. He couldn’t calm down.
Hope you have the best week and CONFERENCE how great!
I love you so so much!
Bready Shimai