THREE WEEKS! SUBARASHI (dont google that, it probably isnt right.)


So we teach about a bazilliion lessons in (very limited) japanese everyweek, and it is SO HARD. We started a new way of teaching where we dont write out entire sentances, but just vocab, so that we can learn to speak better. It went really well the first time. The second time was actually the worst lesson on planet earth and i have never, in my entire life, wanted to leave a room so fast. I think i fell to the ground after we left? I couldnt speak japanese or think in english. HOWEVER the lesson the next day was super stellar, so worry not. It will come in time.

So one thing that happened this week is that I said “I noodles” (Yakisoba) instead of “I promise” (Yakusoku) in a testimony. I dont know what it is about the MTC but everything is 10x more funny here than in the real world because everyone just walks around pretending to speak all these random languages, saying things like “I NOODLES that Jesus is the Christ” and “omg my knees are showing”.
One thing that was the ultimate best this week is that I was reading this thing from one of my roomates cousins combined with the devotional and everything; anyway there is this part in the BOM where its talking about how Lehi is teaching his children an ENTIRE LANGUAGE just so they could continue to write the book of mormon, and so they could read the record of their fathers that had already been written. And then all at once, i was all “Oh my gosh. How much work went into the creation of this book.” and I’m just picturing me trying to teach four teenage boys, two of which who seemed way hard at heart, the egyptian lanugage. However, Lehi did not throw down whatever he was writing with and give up on the whole engraving buisness, he KNEW that it was important and he kept doing it. Maybe becasue he knew how important it was for all mankind, but maybe just because he knew the lord asked him to. But that faith led him to engrave the truth into some metal sheets. It is the same truth led a young 14 year old boy to ask a question and to endure persecution and death and it is the same truth that has led families and individuals and generations to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and in our Loving Heavenly Father. Lehi knew it, Nephi  knew it, those worn down Nephite parents knew it, Joseph Smith knew it. There is nothing more important than that book, I am sure of it.
missionaries are so cool and so weird and i love it.
i love you!
xoxo Shimai Bready