Week Two


We do roughly the same exact thing everyday, so i’ll do my best to tell you everything good that happened.
1. Elder Anderson has decided that in addition to whatever dessert is being served at every meal, he will eat two ice cream sandwiches in order to reach his goal of 200 by november 2. (ps this includes breakfast.) I am sure he will be rewarded for his efforts.
2. Elder Choi this week got tomato sauce on his suit coat and first attemted to clean it with a tissue. After that didnt work, he used hand sanitizer. I dont know why this is so funny to me.
3. Most notable moment of this week: Sister Burnside has been having really dry skin. in her words “why are my legs like reptiles!?!”. After 12 days, she says to me “want to hear something funny? what i’ve been using as lotion for the last two weeks is actually body soap” IS ACTUALLY BODY SOAP. I dont think i have ever laughed so hard in my entire life. Sister Andrus physically fell to the ground laughing.
4. During TRC this week (teaching resource center. RMs or actual students from the english program who speak japanese etc.. come in and we do like visiting teaching in nihongo.) Sister Andrus accidentally said “I am heavenly father” instead of “Our heavenly father”, and her person couldn’t stop laughing. Also we accidentally had someone read a scripture on the atonement when we were talking about faith and everything is funny here, mostly because we have no idea what is going on.
5. Elder Metakingi has perfected his whistle solo of the Hallelujah chorus. You can always know where he is because he never. stops. whistling.
I am so so good and I see so many people that i know here everyday, which is the BEST.
shimai bready