Week Ichi


^this almost summerizes my knowledge of japanese!
okay so basically everyday we have 6 hours of class and 5 hours of studying, so there isnt much to say about that so far, especially because class time is all in japanese, and… i dont speak japanese.
So i’ll tell you about my district!
First, my companion is SISTER BURNISDE, (who is from my home ward) and it is the best. we get along super well.
Sister Andrus: from Idaho. probably the only one who could out-sass me. sometimes she sounds really southern, but she isn’t. she is kind of dramatic but its really great.
Sister Weller; comps to Andrus. They could not be more opposite. She is half japanese and is like way mello. when asked what she does in her free time, she said ‘i swim in the ocean”
Elder Anderson’; District leader from AF. members of our zone refer to him as ‘blondie’ and he has a fan-club of baby HS girls which is great because he gets an average of 2 packages a day.
Elder Hall: comp to Anderson. Really likes Star Wars/video games/pokemon. He used to have shag-hair and is very accident prone.
Elder Choi: from Seoul Korea, but has been living in Texas for a while. when he laughs it is the funniest thing ever because his eyes disappear and his mouth is wide open. its like a little baby-giggle, im not even kidding.
Elder Magana: From Mexico. Japanese super-star. most likely has a model girlfriend. a common phrase among our district is ‘where are choi and magana?’ we can literally never find them. ever.
Elder Preciado: Will be attending JOHNS HOPKINS (with Elder Choi) to become a surgeon. needless to say he is a genious. Most mature/ down to earth elder in our district. SUPER patient with his companion;
Elder Metakingi: From Wellington, NZ. We know virtually nothing about him, because he wont tell us. Also he will not pose for pictures. he is a wiz at japanese, but we didnt find this out for a while because he wont speak. HOWEVER he is a SONGBIRD AND WILL NOT STOP WHISTLING. His favorite time to whistle is during personal study. he likes the french fries because they remind him of McDonalds.
i cry because i’m laughing so hard ALL THE TIME and my district doesn’t know what to do when that happens. lol.